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Random Ranting of Doom
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in (kenja no) Is(h)i's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
2:53 pm
It's not my time at the moment...
Holidays began with a failed exam and then kept being quiet until suddenly several dates popped up. An onlinefriend was near my home, but I already was at a LAN-party and just after that what happens...I get ill! arrrgh. I'd also like to visit two other online friends in the Czech Rep., but at the moment I'm done for with that damn cold *cough, cough, sneeze*.
Will have to wait until it's better.
(Another thing dragging me down is that I didn't win in a drawing-competition and wondering why I still invest time in such things :P. I'm really not good at anything)
*cough, cough* back to studying...

Current Mood: ill
Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
4:49 pm
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
9:17 pm
some odd tests, yay...

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Current Mood: blank
Saturday, May 20th, 2006
1:25 am
Yep, the mind and one's imagination can be so evil...they won't let me fall asleep quite often *too many thoughts*...they make me think too much and get strange ideas *lol*, stuff that ain't real, but then again one can never know what'll be in the future, but it's just annoying anyway :P. I need my sleep, dammit! ;)

Nothing too special happened recently...perhaps that it seems that my friends at college are leaving me alone there more and more ;) (laziness, plans to study longer anyway (gah, those rich people!), didn't make it etc), so unfair. I was really happy I had someone there, am not the best at making new friends. *shy* (Besides they seem to be the funniest/coolest ppl in MIB *g*)
But it's continueing to be fun just in a group of guys ;). Heh and funny if they talk about their girlfriends annoying habits and such :P. Am beginning to think perhaps I should be more girly, the girly ones seem to get guys easily even though men complain about the typically female habits *shrugs*.
Hell, sometimes I think some of my male college mates are more girly than me *lol*...but girlynesss just gets on my nerves (shopping here, clothes there, barber, nail studio, everything in pink (heard some woman recently telling how long she had to wait until she found the perfect cell phone in her favourite shade of pink), in our Flamenco course (my mum and I are the teachers) there's even a woman who goes to a costmetician to get her eyebrows done(!! WTF, those ppl got too much money)).
Ooooh and my Haoris arrived not too long ago (only one got himos (cords to close it) though), pretty things, also bought 2 beautiful Chinese-style jackets <3. I really love Asian style at the moment. Perhaps I can ty to take pics of my Haoris. :D

Current Mood: crushed
Monday, April 10th, 2006
9:58 pm
for everyone who hasn't seen it, yet...
...the best Naruto parody I've seen so far. I know, I already have it for a while, but...I just love it!
And heck, even though I don't like Naruto too much, I'm still watching it *lol*. But the movie was kinda boring...
clickyyyy for Real Ninjas

Oh and if anyone's also playing SILKROAD ONLINE tell me and we're gonna have a party (I guess ya know what I mean) *g*. I am Yan_Luo on Aege.
The game's fun, but the quests seem to be the same always...

Current Mood: *lmao*
Monday, March 13th, 2006
1:15 am
I just finished putting together my schedule for the next 2 semesters. OOOOOFFFFF!! However, I'll have 9 or 10 damned exams/presentations this semester, just because the subjects only are worth 2 ECTs points. Arrgh. *tears at hair*
Can't wait to have Computergraphics though.
Yeah, that's all, no lectures tomorrow, yay...ah, here, check out this oooodd FMA parody video: sick thing, you've been warned! .

just did another test:

After you die...
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Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
9:31 pm
Oh my...
...I bought bloody markers for 24€!! Yesterday I marched through half of Stuttgart to find a shop which has copic markers. I found two with looots of art supplies *glittering eyes*, could've looked through the one called "ideas shop" forever, but just bought some new acrylics (still have one small canvas, but dunno what to paint) and a very small "quill". In the other one I bought a set of 7 copic ciao markers for 24 €, WTF! *lol* They are soooo expensive, one normal copic is 5€, one Ciao 4. Also got myself a Copic multiliner that's wonderfully thin (they even had thinner ones, 0,025 mm!), not cheap either, but great stuff. The Ciao markers also work really well, however...I need to buy copic paper, even my new thick sketch paper sucks them up (strangely only the Red though). Grr, that firm has to be rich!! I found another brand on ebay called Touch marker, they are way cheaper, shall try them out...

Wrote my last test for this sem. yesterday as well, I can only keep my fingers crossed. I was soo done afterwards, also because right before the test I was at my godmother's funeral. Gah, I hate those speeches the priests who didn't even really know the dead people do. And then the talk of God and blabla...that's no consolation to me since I'm not sure what I should believe, I'm rather an atheist *sighs*...

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
11:48 pm
strange times...
strange things have been happening ;), I seem to almost only have 2s (Bs) in my tests (apart from one so far, but I'm sure the other two won't be that good either), whee! A pity they don't count in the end. Oooff, yet I still have to put together my schedule for next semester (beginning in two weeks :P), that's really not easy. For most lectures one has to have had the obligatory ones in the third sem. (this one), arrgh, and as I got told by a college mate (have yet to verify it ;)) the computergraphics module only takes place in summer semesters which means there's no way I could do it without one additional sem.! This sem. I need to visit the obligatory lecture for the module, next sem. is winter and 5th sem. is practical semester, 6th is the final one with bachelor thesis. Guess I need to get on some ppl's nerves again.

Gah, and I wasted so much time today. I wanted to go to a bookstore in Stuttgart, 'cause it'S one of the rare stores that has got the carlsen comics manga weeks offers. Yes, all of them...save the copic markers set *tears at hair*. On the way back to an "art store", a woman asked me if I wanted to help some barber-seminar (she must've seen my long hair :P), where some of the models (test objects ;)) didn't come and they needed ppl to jump in. As nice as I am (being told the cut was of course for free and the hair-dressers weren't beginners), I said yes. It took forever and at some point the woman who did it was despairing or whatever, she only returned after a while (during which the main "trainer" did some stuff). Anyway, it's now "cut in layers", a bit odd, but has more volume...and it's shorter *sighs* (yeah, I love long hair, but I guess for a while this will be a lot more convenient (long hair clings to everything *g*)). It will grow again :).
Anyway, after the haircut I ran to the art store, it was closing! 5mins too late, just because of carnival. After that disappointment I hurried to my college, wanted to download some stuff there as they have a fast and for me free connection *g*. First 2 PCs didn't work and then the downloads took forever, meanwhile I had to pack my things again and get back to the main station. Yay, lovely day, I could've cleaned my fish tank and studied math during that time. *big sigh*

aaand I bought a PS2 on amazon *waits anxiously for arrival*. Plus ebay sellers are being unreliable again (so ok, it's something from Hong Kong, but I've been waiting for 2 weeks) :(.

*goes back to coloring the pic she's been working on forever* Be finished, dammit! *lol*

Current Mood: stressed
Friday, February 17th, 2006
3:47 pm
more than 5 good reasons...
...to buy a Playstation 2:
Drakan 2, the Fullmetal Alchemist game(s), Berserk game(s), Ecco: DotF (improved compared to Dreamcast version), playing Legacy of Kain games with a joypad, watching DVDs on the TV...
dammit! Haven't been in an electro-shop for ages. Anyone know how "cheap" PS2 is now?

Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
9:39 pm
Psycho Test time!!!
Finally I can post all my tests somewhere...I love taking those tests and frowing/laughing/nodding at the results *g*. I found most of them on forums, on other journals or...somehow else by chance.
Have fun taking them. :D


Which Millenium Organisation (from Hellsing) character art thou?
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What Season Are You?
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People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

huuh...sure :P. didn't have any effect yet...

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somewhat true. But I've been often taken advantage of...

Edward Elric!
he's short...tempered, always thinks ahead, and is

very caring!

(girls only) which fullmetal alchemist guy would you belong with?forever?as your destiny?
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*lol* the title...geee... I actually put "Roy" in "who do you want?", just for fun *g*.

King Bradley

Who are you in the Hagaren world?
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and with one answer changed:

Ed Elric

Who are you in the Hagaren world?
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